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Hair Patch Care Instructions

A list of Do's and Don'ts in given below for ready reference which will help in better maintenance of Hair Patch and prolong the life besides giving you hair better look.

✔ What should you do

What should you do with hair patch

1) Wash your hair once a week with any good quality herbal shampoo. Let the shampoo absorb for about three minutes. Follow up by Hair and conditioner.

2) After having washed the hair, it must be abundantly provided with livon or hair cream preferably upon slightly moist and clean hair. Do you hair and let it dry up before you tough and disturb it.

3) Comb the hair with a wide toothed. double edge comb. Do not pull h hair by combing (they can break off or stretch). Comb you hair with small moves and in slow motion

4) Protect your hair from with a hat or cap when you are in dusty environment. Wash it out when you are back in normal circumstances. When dust comes in the hair do not comb it. Wash the hair spray or foam it and then comb it.

5) Protect your hair during sunbaths. You hair can dry up.

6) Before you go to sleep comb the hair in the natural direction from crown to front (start at front).

7) In order to restrict wastage sleep on satin or silk pillow-cover.

8) If you have a long hair use a hair net while sleeping.

9) Even if you have a permanent fix it is desirable to make maintenance visit with an internal of not more than six weeks


✖ What shouldN't you do

What shouldn't you do with hair patch

1) Never wash your hair with soap.

2) Do not put on hat or helmet on wet hair.

3) Avoid sharp partings. These spots are subject to wastage.

4) Do not stretch on the base: kinds will breakoff which leads to loss of hair (this is the first ranked cause of wastage).

5) Do not chafe your skull with the comb or the brush. The kots that attach the hair in the unit base will break off (it is the second ranked cause of wastage)

6) Do not comb or brush rough, fast, nervously or too often (it is the third ranked cause of wastage).

7) Avoid rubbing while combing, brushing, washing or drying. Friction is bad for hair unit.

8) Do not use hairspray style or sticky setting lotion.

9) Avoid exposure to extreme sun light as this can influence the colour of your hair. It is better tocover your hair with a hat or cap.

10) Never expose the hair to high temperature or use hairdryer with a temperature over 75 degreesCelsius.

11) Avoid excessive combing of dry hair.

12) Do not wash more than four times a week.

13) The following can harm you hair and ensure avoiding them.


Here are a few tips of how to wash Hair Patches

Wash Hair Patches

➦ Remove the hair unit tape from the base of you unit gently. Do not peel away the tape otherwise you may damage the hair unit (very important)

➦ Take some water in a bowl, mix shampoo in water. After holding the unit from front side dips in the shampoo mixed water 2-3 times.

➦ Remove your hair unit from the container. Put it in a sink face up (hair on bottom)
➦ Clean the lace areas with brush gently.
➦ Clean the net (base) making short vertical movements.
➦ Keep the hair unit upside down. Brush the hair (front to back movement) removing all dirt and grime.
➦ Rinse thoroughly with running water.

➦ Place the hair unit on the basin (hair sideup)
➦ Apply herbal & mild conditioner (App 4 ml) evenly on the ahir suing fingers.
➦ Rinse thoroughly after 5 to 6 minutes.

➦ Unit is now clean and clean of any dirt and grime to reattach as a fresh like new hair unit.

If you follow these instructions, you can have well hair and look excellent. With healthy hair, you will be more confident and attractive.



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