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Hair Patch FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

❖ What exactly is men's non surgical hair replacement? And how good does it look?

➦ Non surgical hair replacement is the best option for men with thinning or bald heads.
Using a very thin lace base, hairs are implanted and tied into place. The finished system is then glued or taped on your head. Once cut and styled, a hair system can look incredibly real. So yes, it does look good. Unlike permanent and disfiguring procedures like tattooed hair follicles or hair transplants, NON SURGICAL hair replacement is the way to go.
No pain. No scars. No ugly scalp tattoo that will blur over time. No massive costs involved. And the ability to remove the hair system anytime you want!

❖ How is it different from Hair Transplantation?

➦ Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure under a Doctors guidance, there is no comparison with our systems as you need not have to worry about any side effects with our procedure. We believe health should be given prime importance than beauty.

❖ Does this hair fixing process involve any surgical process or some medication?

➦ Absolutely no. This is a non-invasive procedure. No surgery or medication is required.

❖ How much time will this hair bonding process require?

➦ Once we identify the measurement, texture and the type of the hair, it will take a maximum of two hours.

❖ How long will your Hair Systems last?

➦ Your hair system can last for a considerable amount of time and is really dependant on a number of factors such as your lifestyle, how well you look after it to the products you use. We will provide you with all the care and maintenance instructions you need to get the most out of your hair system. We only use the best quality hair, hair that is natural in its colour and condition thus we estimate our systems to last at least 1 year. Some get more than a year and some get slightly less.

❖ Is this hair fixing done in a hygienic environment?

➦ The process is carried out in a lab with the help of a professionally trained technician. All our branches have the most advanced facilities and maintain absolute hygiene.

❖ Can this be used for riding on open vehicles and is this advisable for swimming?

➦ Yes, you can ride bare-headed on a bike, and you can also swim with it.

❖ Will this look absolutely natural?

➦ The secret of our success lies in making you look absolutely natural. Check for yourself with any one of our clients.

❖ Would anyone be able to tell I wear a hair system?

➦ The short answer is no. As technology advances so do hair systems. Hair systems are now made from the finest quality material, which mimics your own hair and hair direction. Our stylists then create a perfect blend and cut which allows the system to look like it is your own hair.

❖ Do I have to shave my head straight away?

➦ No you do not. We can take a mould without having to shave, trim or cut your existing hair. In fact we do not shave the hair on top even during the fitting of your new hair piece as when your custom piece arrives we get you back in our studio, temporarily attach the system on top and then cut the hair to the style and length you want. We also blend it in with your existing hair and thus gives you an idea of the completed look. Once you are happy then we take it back off, shave the hair on top and fit the system securely. The last thing we want is to shave your hair down, you are not happy with the results and then stuck with the “monk” look.

❖ Can we use shampoo, conditioner, gels and creams on the patch?

➦ You can use all these except oils. Oil is not good even for your natural hair. Normal shampooing and conditioning can be done. Instead of oils you can use gels recommended by the company.

❖ I lead an active lifestyle, will it stay attached under extreme conditions?

➦ The question often asked is, will my unit stay secure while I swim, work out, or play sports? The security of your hair system is based solely on the attachment method you select. Some men like to take off their Hair Systems every night and are therefore looking for an easy on, easy off system. Others actively participate in sports or other activities and desire the most secure method of attachment available.

❖ How often should I remove my hair system to clean it?

➦ Daily wearers should remove the tapes and replace with new ones every day and shampoo once a week.
Semi-permanent wearers wearing 1-2 weeks should do a 'full clean up' after the removal.
Permanent wearers should go NO longer than 4 weeks.
Again everyone is different, every scalp is different, so individuals should take note of their scalp oils and also how tight the bond feels over a period of weeks. It’s great if your hair looks fantastic BUT scalp odor is completely unacceptable and is not healthy.
So our advice would be NO longer than 4 weeks with you taking note of your own scalp response to your particular adhesive method.

❖ Is it safe to use a hair dryer to style my hair system?

For human hair, yes it is safe to use a dryer, please use it on a cool setting.
When we say safe you might think that it must be because it’s a hair dryer, but there are a few other things you should think about.
People with their own natural hair that over use a hairdryer end up with split ends and dry looking hair, and their hair is dormant from the follicle. Hair in your hair systems is dead and the more heat or brushing that is exerted on the hair system, the less longevity it will have. So, by all means use a hairdryer, but use it sensibly. Try and get used to air drying your hair, pat the hair dry with a towel and get used to styling the hair into place while damp.

❖ What kind of shampoos and conditioners should I use?

➦ Some shampoos may work a treat for two washes and on the third you will find out the detergent has been completely stripping your hair!! The same with conditioners. Some could give you a look of gloss for a few conditions, then you notice your hair system is going bald, and this will be due to the conditioner affecting the ventilation or knotting.



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